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My approach towards climbing has evolved year after year since I started with this beautiful sport when I was 10. At the beginning it was only a hobby but nowadays climbing is what mostly drives me, what makes me happy and feel alive.

I love climbing and everything that surrounds it. I find motivation in every aspect and every discipline. Competitions pushed me to train harder, to be in perfect shape to give my best and, currently, I focussed a lot of my energy on them, because I could sense that it is the moment for me to do it. In the (I hope not-so-near) future the new generation will unavoidably take over, but I struggle to put this off as much as I can, with good results so far. This is the outcome of self-learning and innovation of training methods, discipline and a lot of effort.

However it is rock climbing what I am in love with. Nature, friends, travels… for me it is impossible not to evade and be happy when I am rock climbing. After almost 20 years climbing, there is no occasion I do not use to take a plane or my motorhome and go discover a new crag or visit some in which I have “unfinished bussines” again. I feel being able to climb the lines in the most beautiful places is a great privilege. This is why I follow a “leave-no-trace” philosophy to respect the environment and leave it as I found it so that people will be able to enjoy it as much as we do today.

I consider myself a professional athlete. I maintain a very and tight relationship with all my sponsors, because I really appreciate the confidence they put on me, confidence that translates into the possibility of living my dream. I know that I am a very fortunate person in this aspect.


Birthplace/birthdate: Eibar,  September 7th, 1980

Current address: Deba, Gipuzkoa

Weight/Height: 62 kg/1,74m

Brothers/sisters: An older sister, Maia

Other sports: Surfing

Hobbys: Surfing and hanging out with friends

A dream: Follow climbing all my life with people I love.


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